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About Me

I am a registered nurse with a graduate degree in education.  graduate certificate in Infant Toddler Mental Health, and board certfied as a nurse coach.

I worked for 20 years as a home visiting nurse with three very different agencies, dealing with parenting issues such as temper tantrums, the challenges of deployed parents and social behaviors.  I have conducted  both parent education classes as well as informal parenting sessions for both first time, as well as experienced parents.
I am a national trainer/consultant for Nurturing Parenting Programs. I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. I am a trainer in Holistic Stress management
I have completed multiple other professional trainingsand and use the information in my work with families and early childhood professionals.

My experience in the early childhood field includes consultation at Mcchord child development center, contract work with Pierce County for infant Toddler child care consultation and presentation of various workshops at WAEYC (Washington Association for the Education of the Young Child) state conferences and other regional conferences. I am a  Washington  state STARS approved trainer.

My husband was active duty military for 20 years so we did quite a bit of travel. We had   two children who are now adults. The amazing thing to me is that they survived my lack of knowledge and inexperienced parenting techniques.  While they are now competent, caring adults, I wish I had the wisdom and understanding then- that I do now. It would have made our journey much easier. My hope is to make your journey easier.

My vision is to enhance your understanding of the social and emotional needs of our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers
                 Vicki Lunghofer, BSN, M.Ed.

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