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Nourish The Whole Child
Raising Rseponsible Curious Children
What is your vision for your child? Do you want your child to be responsible? Do you want a curious child? What are the traits for your "ideal" child?
Would you like to maintain your joy in parenting and care giving and prevent burnout and frustration as a parent or care giver? 
If you answer yes, then I am your person. 

  I  focus on coaching for parents and training for professionals. You will create a crystal clear vision of  your "ideal" child. You wil uncover hidden challenges that sabotage your efforts. You can contact me to set up an introductory coaching session.

You can access information on social and emotional development or infant toddler mental health. There will also be information on nutrition and health, relative to young children as well as elements of the Nurturing Parenting curriculum.

Parents and caregivers must meet their own needs for self-care in order to be fully present for the children.There will be helpful hints on this topic 

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Vicki Lunghofer

                            Our children are our future.

Nourish The Whole Child:
"We all know that milk is important for children to grow strong bones, but how many of us know how important it is to feed children's hearts, souls and minds right from the start? In order to develop and grow socially and intellectually, children need a variety of vitamins such as a stimulating environment that feeds their curiosity, consistent personal relationships that build their sense of security and interactions with friends to learn how to get along with others."
(Frameworks Institute)


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