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Nourish The Whole Child
Raising Rseponsible Curious Children
November, 2015
The Joys of Parenting as the Holiday Season approaches

The days are geting shorter and the stores are filling with holiday gifts and goodies. Your child gets excited when they see the decorations. Everything is glitzy & shiny, just what catches a child's eye.  The longer they are in the store with you, the more excited they become. they wants to see all of the toys and the good stuff, not the kind of stuff that mom likes to look at.  Before long you relaize your child is quickly approaching melt-down satge- what do you do?...

A. Do you threaten them with a spanking if they don't settle down?
B. Do you pretend like you don't know them?
 C Do you puth them in the cart and finish your shopping while they wail and whien and everyone else is looking at you?
 D Do you promise them the moon if they behave long enough for you to finish?
Parenting can be hard. You can be bombarded with all sorts of advice, and it can be hard to judge that advice.
 I am going to add to the bombardment, but what I will post is based on several leading parenting experts and philosophies, in addition to what I learned from raising my children and helping other parents over the years.
 Some ideas to handle problems that arise at this time of the year when shopping:
  • Try not to shop during your child's usual mealtime or nap time. When a child is hungry or tired they are more likely to act out.
  • If your child is a preschooler or older, explain to them before hand the purpose of the shopping trip and whether there will be time to "look" at toys. Yesterday I overheard a mom explaining to her daughter that they could  now go to the toy section to see what she might really want for a holiday gift, not to buy today.
  • Is it possitbe to shop without your child? Can you share child care time with a friend so that you can both get some shopping done?
  •  When your child starts to whine & fuss, acknowledge that you do hear them and what they are saying. Often a child will escalate their whining and fussing, thinking that no one heard them
  •  Do you have a small snack with you?
Do you have a favorite idea  that you would like to share with us? Please post a reply
Vicki Lunghofer, Parenting Coach

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